Exchange Request

To start the exchange process, please fill out the form below. You will receive an email from us confirming your exchange as soon as we have approved it. 
Please Note:
  1. We cannot arrange for exchange to be picked up on the same day as you fill out this form. Please select a pick up date that is the next business day.
  2. We will dispatch your new item once we have received your items at our warehouse. Shipping takes between 1-4 business days.
  3. We cannot accept items after two weeks.
  4. If your pick up address and your delivery address are different please give us both addresses in the address section
  5. If there is a price difference between the product, please email proof of payment to We will only be able to dispatch your new order once we have received this. Please be aware that we cannot accept screen shots and that only the official document from the bank will be accepted.