Atlantic Hope Safe House Initiative

Atlantic Hope Safe House Initiative

At Burnt Studios, we saw the embodiment of our brand in Mieke Visser. A young, driven women who has made an incredible career for herself. A woman who know exactly who she is and is not willing to compromise on that. She is strong, funny and fashionable as hell.

As we got to know her behind the scenes on coffee dates and randomly running into each other while running on the promenade, we discovered that there is something much deeper to Mieke. She has incredible empathy. It was during a time that she volunteered at an infant and baby shelter that she met Misha.

It was not long before this curly-haired baby girl was so deep in Mieke’s heart that she just could not let go.

Even though the shelter where Misha spent her infant days does an incredible job to keep these babies safe, making sure they get the right nutrients and love that they deserve, at some point the babies move on to other child shelters and their future cannot be secure.

Mieke decided that she just could not gamble with Misha’s future. She HAD to make a plan.

Bear in mind, she was only 18 at the time with a promising career (and her youth) ahead of her. Adopting Misha by herself just wasn’t a viable option.

Mieke called everyone she knew asking if they know of some-one who was looking to adopt! Luckily, there was a couple that wanted to adopt Misha and was just too happy to have her part of Misha’s day-to-day life. She is Misha’s legal, third guardian. A massive responsibility for an 18-year-old to take on, but she did such a stand-up job with this beautiful little girl. Raising a toddler and juggling a full time modelling career cannot be easy, but she handles it with such grace and love that we are constantly left in awe about how she does it.

We wanted to work with Mieke on a more personal level than to just create content with her. We invited her to create her own design of Burnt Studios leggings. She was part of the design process every step of the way and really added her own touch and personality to a design that you will see is undoubtedly Burnt Studios, but with a clear, strong Mieke Visser-personality.

As part of the Burnt x Mieke collab, we decided to donated a part of each sale to the first home Misha has ever known: the Atlantic Hope Safe House. We want to help more of these babies get the care, love and the future that they deserve.

We love to make a difference and if you know of people or places in need, please reach out and we will gladly see what we can do! 

Let's all try and make the world a little better! A lot of small actions make a big difference!