Chicago white Men's T-shirt front view
Chicago white Men's T-shirt side view
Chicago white Men's T-shirt side view with cap
Chicago white Men's T-shirt full length front view


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One of our most requested and asked comments of 2020 was - "Please launch something for men!" And what did we do? We listened. Just in time for the festive season!

The Chicago men's Tees are made out of the most amazing blend of fabrics. Consisting out of a blend of Lycra & Cotton to give you a buttery soft feel, nice stretch, moisture-wicking features and lastly, an amazing fit! The T shapes seamlessly around your arm to show off all those bicep curls you did through the year! The white shirt features our black Burnt Signature logo and the black shirt features a discreet blacked-out logo. They are made to be worn to a workout, to the beach or even on a night out for drinks!

Made in Cape Town.

In terms of sizing, they are True-To-Size, meaning if you would normally wear a Large for example, then opt for a large. 

*Available while stock lasts

Oh yeah just so you know, this is only a limited edition range. We're not doing an entire MENS range just yet. But maybe in the near future xx